Shoreline Erosion Control

We are experts in erosion control and provide a wide range of shoreline protection alternatives to include:

 - Sheet Pile Bulkheads (aluminum, timber, vinyl, fiber reinforced polymer and steel)

 - Seawalls

 - Revetments

 - Turf Reinforcement Matting

 - Gabions

 - Envirolok

Waterfront Structural Engineering

Since the company's founding we have provided quality waterfront planning, engineering, permitting, design, and construction administration services for a myriad of public and private entities throughout the Southeast.  We consistently perform structural engineering services on every type of waterfront structure to include:

  - Marinas

  - Boat Landings

  - Wharves

  - Piers

  - Docks

  - Water Control Structures      

  - Trestles

   - Bridges

   - Dune Walkovers

   - Specialty Structures